Poly World is a modern Free To Play mmorpg.

You can train, fight, trade & evolve your Polymon in the real Poly World Metaverse.

A vast open world with endless possibilities

Poly World is A Free-To-Play Creature-Collecting game utilizing the best of web2, web3, blockchain monetization and the rich game-world of a classic RPG.

We want to make a game that is enjoyable to play and available to all types of players, including blockchain gamers, casual gamers, crypto maxis, and NFT collectors. All gamers are invited to join in. We want to return ownership to you.

Breathtaking quests

From east to west and north to south, the Poly World land spans thousands of kilometres. Every area has its own unique traits. There are quests in every location that you may do to gain more rewards and experience. Throughout the entire game’s epic journey, you will battle with your devoted Polymons. Will you become one of Poly World’s finest Polymon trainers?

Train, fight & trade your way to success

Polymons are available for catching, purchasing (on the market), and collecting. Following the capture of several Polymons, you will need to train and equip your Polymon to defend and combat. It’s imperative that you evolve your Polymon if you want to excel as a trainer in the Polyworld. You can showcase your Polymons and talents at tournaments organized in the Polymon Arenas.

Become a Poly World land owner

A Polyland is a section of the Polyworld metaverse that gives you access to monetize your own area. Build your own structures, organize gatherings or competitions, invite friends over, and take advantage of the resources your piece of land has to offer!